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Creating and delivering a customer centric self-service management experience for private members

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Bupa Global had nine live mobile apps and an underperforming web portal for its members, offering limited business and customer value. In addition, solutions were out of date and limited in accessibility and navigation, causing customer frustration.


Minimise high costs to the business whilst delivering a consistent customer experience expected by members.

Minimise cost-to-serve by reducing contact centre calls for self-service enquires by delivering an efficient and intuitive solution.

Improve retention by facilitating deeper and ongoing conversations with members by providing a long term supportive world-class experience.


Research began with a usability audit of the existing solution. Evaluating the product and identifying problems gave an initial understanding of customers' frustrations when attempting to apply for treatment authorisation and making claims, specifically.

Competitor and comparative analysis focused on a couple of direct long-established competitors and new startup providers gaining traction in the industry.
Screens from current experience
Competitive analysis
Interface research
The UX consultant and I interviewed subject matter experts from varying departments within the business. We wanted a deeper understanding of their frustrations with the existing product and to understand their goals, desires and requirements for the new solution.
We conducted customer interviews to empathise with their problems and pain points and understand what is important to them in their interactions with the existing product. The main goal was to understand mental models and motivations when trying to complete 'treatment authorisation' and 'make-a-claim' journeys.
Empathy map - new member
Customer problems and opportunities
Customer problems and opportunities

Ideation and prototyping

We situated ourselves in a collaborative agency and client-side off-site war room for three months. Here, we focussed on customer problems identified in the research phase.

Facilitating design studio workshops and rapid prototyping techniques, we sketched out solutions to move into higher fidelity wireframing.

Defining the flows

Flows and wireframes progressed, addressing issues defined in interviews and audits to bring members an intuitive and straightforward experience.

The primary focus was to simplify journeys for treatment authorisation and treatment claims.
High-level task flows
Treatment authorisation task flow
Make-a-claim task flow
Home sketches
Home low-fidelity wireframe
Iterated Home mid-fidelity wireframe
UI dashboard initial wireframe

Early concepts

We tested wireframes to validate our solutions. Feedback informed us some iterations were needed, namely to simplify the experience to help guide members through their main journeys of applying for treatment authorisation and making claims.

Higher fidelity design work progressed. The following shows primary screens exploring minimal, typographical and conversational interface concepts that addressed user feedback.

Homescreen progression

Designs progressed from a conversational approach to a more active focus. For example, members informed us they wanted quick access to their primary portal needs. We brought membership card access, member ID visibility, treatment authorisation, and claim application to the forefront, giving them a hierarchal position providing quick and intuitive access.
Version 1
Version 2
Version 3
Version 4
Version 5
Final design

Final designs

Following many workshops with the client Head of UX, and presentations to the Product Director, we agreed on the final design direction and solution. The following are some of the key screens in the customer's journeys.